After my serious concussion, ConTact CARE helped me recover - I know it can help you too

I have first-hand experience of my own serious concussion injury following a motor vehicle accident in 2017 - I truly know how tough it can be. ConTact CARE helped me to push through to recovery, and I know it can help you too. I have used ConTact CARE to help countless clients to recover from their own head injuries. Click here to read more about my journey to recovery.

From seeing and experiencing how effective ConTact CARE is for concussion injuries for myself, I’m inspired to share this message with as many concussion sufferers as possible - this method can be a life changer! ConTact CARE has been shown to help with concussions by helping the client:


  • Speed up recovery

  • Regain strength and energy

  • Rebalance the body

  • Drop the client out of fight/flight and overwhelm

  • Bring back coherence and awareness

  • Stabilise the emotional state

  • Find relief from headaches and pressure

  • Unravel injury compensations

  • Relax the body

why it works.

In recent years it was discovered that, after a concussion, the body can carry lasting pressure, contraction and shock at the impact sites. Left untreated, this trapped reaction interferes with the body's ability to relax, recover and function. This discovery is what we call a Flinchlock. A Flinchlock is the reaction which remains at the sites of impact. The combination of surprise and impact causes a shock-like phenomenon of trapped involuntary contraction in and around the bone.

Through our assessment we are able to locate where your body is still reacting from the initial trauma. We release the Flinchlocks at the impact sites and let the body naturally do the unravelling back to better function. By releasing the Flinchlocks, the body is able to release, relax and make sense of itself again. As the body unravels the client begins to feel good again. ConTact CARE Flinchlock Release is helpful at any stage of your recovery, even if it is decades later. Concussions from childhood can affect someone into their adulthood.

the healing journey.

With ConTact CARE it is common for clients to have dramatic improvements while with more severe cases we will see steady incremental improvements. In some cases there are factors which ConTact CARE may not be able to help. ConTact CARE isn’t a magical cure that will “fix” you in an instant, the body heals itself in its own time. Even though at times you may have a great leap forwards in your progress the healing process is gradual. Generally, most people are back to normal within 3-6 months but more severe concussions can have longer-lasting effects for 1-2 years or ongoing. Concussion recovery time varies greatly and depends on multiple factors including:

  • How the injury happened

  • The severity of the injury

  • The health of the individual

  • What recovery methods they choose

  • The mindset of the individual

  • Lifestyle factors such as diet, sleep, rest, exercise etc.


my concussion story.

In 2017, I was travelling solo in Peru when I was in a motor vehicle accident. I was a passenger with 15 other travellers after a trip to Lares Hot Springs. I was asleep when the brakes apparently stopped working and, in a panic, the Peruvian driver decided to jump out, leaving us to crash into a bulldozer parked on the side of the road. I went head first into the seat in front of me and was knocked out. I was seen unconscious lying on top of the flattened seat in front of me. I sustained a neck sprain, a gashed knee, and bruising on my face and legs. It later became apparent that my short memory and energy levels were in a terrible state…

As the next few days passed, people started noticing that I was repeating myself and even though they were informing me of this I couldn’t remember them telling me! After 3 weeks I finally became aware that I was experiencing post-concussion symptoms and wasn’t improving. I was in no state to continue travelling so I decided to cut my journey short and go back to NZ to recover, and have some ConTact CARE treatments. Little did I know my healing journey would be a long and difficult process of 2 years which tested my patience and sanity many times over. I was frustrated after the first week! At times I wondered if I would ever recover and be able to work again or be stuck in a never-ending nightmare.

My Concussion Symptoms:

  • Short term memory loss

  • Body weakness - suddenly going weak during simple tasks

  • Low energy - falling asleep very easily, including mid-conversation

  • Anxiety

  • Social overwhelm - getting overwhelmed by crowds or gatherings

  • Panic attacks

  • Desensitisation - Feeling numb with no emotions.

  • My body feeling misaligned - I experienced many moments of whacky changes in my body

  • Depressed and lost - I lost purpose when I wasn’t able to work properly for 6-12 months and I still struggled in the 2nd year of my recovery journey.

  • Emotional instability - my emotions were all over the place and were the most unstable they had ever been. I had stages of getting angry really easily.


I had a series of ConTact CARE treatments with 3 different practitioners at various stages of recovery. Each practitioner had their own strengths which helped in different ways.

Some memorable moments:

I was having a panic attack while I was a passenger in a car, and I thought we were going to crash into anything and everything. I was saying things like “watch out for that!”, “Don’t hit that!” and I had all sorts of jerky reactions. I was being oversensitive and felt unsafe with just going around a corner in the car. I had a ConTact CARE session and the panic attacks stopped immediately.

For a few months, I wasn’t able to drive long distances. I had a ConTact CARE session where I regained the focus and energy to drive long distances again. I tested this by driving down to Taupo from Whangarei which was about 5-6 hours with ease. I was over the moon that I could drive again!

I remember a powerful contact care session I had where I went from foggy-headed and feeling awful to having amazing clarity and cognitive function in the space of minutes after a contact care session. Not only that, I was suddenly able to work a whole day seeing clients with no issues for the first time in months! I couldn’t believe that I went from useless to useful in such a short space of time. At this moment I realised that I had hope and I actually might be able to be “normal” again.

I was often feeling overwhelmed and anxious with social gatherings, in a way I had never experienced before. I happened to have an anxiety attack on my birthday which prevented me from leaving my own house. I was fortunate to have a practitioner visit me at my home and they found a Flinchlock in my ribs. When they released it, I remember feeling my body go into a state of relaxation to the point my thinking become clear again and I felt a sense of happiness come over me. That was followed by excitement as I was able to get out and enjoy my birthday.

are you ready to push through to recovery?

As with most people, the concussion healing journey was a lot slower than I had hoped. It was mostly a gradual improvement with noticeable level-ups as I had ConTact CARE treatments.

My future vision is that contact care becomes the mainstream 'go to' recommendation for 
concussions in New Zealand, including for sports teams such as the All Blacks. 

My message to concussion sufferers out there is that I know that at times it can feel like you’re broken and you might not ever be normal' again. Through my experience and by helping so many others, I can promise you that there is hope! ConTact CARE is a new and effective tool that could be the difference that makes all the difference.