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Life Coaching Package

Emotional Freedom

Emotional Freedom

The Emotional Freedom package is a 2 week program designed to release trapped emotions and heal past events. Using my specialised emotional freedom techniques you can feel lighter, more free and at peace. Together we will go through a guided visualisation process to safely find the wisdom in these past events and use these learnings to shift your perspective and release emotion. This package is always full of surprises!

"My son had his first appointment with Jamie after experiencing anxiety, panic attacks followed by over thinking about worldly issues and not being able to move from and process his feelings and emotions. . After one session I have my happy, carefree son back. He phoned me straight after his appointment to tell me how great and refreshed he felt."

- Venus Wati Mahi

Transform your Results Life Coaching Package

Empowering action steps to create lasting change in your life.


Trauma Release

Life Coaching Package

Heal and overcome your past trauma, both emotional & physical.

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Strategy Session

First Step to Change

Book your strategy session today to learn more & explore your goals.


Beyond Body Healing Contact Care

Unravel injuries, improve function, and restore aliveness in your body.