Life Coaching Starter

Strategy Session

What is a strategy session?

The strategy session is an important component of every life coaching package. This is where I learn about your situation and challenges, and you learn about the tools and techniques that I can offer you to create change. In this session we will implement one of my specialised processes to bring you one step closer towards visualising your goals. 

"Meeting Jamie for the first time I felt instantly at ease with his welcoming manner. The gentle manipulations helped release stress and pain I was feeling in my knees after a fall from my mountain bike. I would not hesitate to return for further treatment with Jamie when needed."

- Janice Poulsen

Transform your Results Life Coaching Package

Empowering action steps to create lasting change in your life.


Trauma Release

Life Coaching Package

Heal and overcome your past trauma, both emotional & physical.

Image by Pablo Heimplatz

Emotional Freedom Life Coaching Package

Release trapped emotions, heal past events & learn from your wisdom.

Image by Emiliano Orduña

Beyond Body Healing Contact Care

Unravel injuries, improve function, and restore aliveness in your body.