My mission is to lead people to live their most inspired and fulfilling life through empowered coaching and a holistic approach,  guiding my clients to unlock their potential through the power of your mind and body connection.

Kia ora, I'm Jamie

I have always had the curiosity to explore the boundaries of what's possible in the field of healing, whether its body, mind, energetic or spiritual. I’m fascinated by real healing and transformation, rather than temporarily masking symptoms to make you feel good (for a while) without actually solving the root cause.


With over 10 years working on the physical body with chiropractic and ConTact C.A.R.E I gained a great understanding of how amazing the body can heal itself and how that affects all other aspects of health including the mind and emotions. 


Through various personal development I discovered that profound healing and life shifts can come from bodywork and also from mind and emotional work. That's where life coaching comes in. I learned that healing can come from mindset shifts, releasing trapped emotions, uncovering your shadow side and refocusing your energy into a more productive vision.


I’m pleased to be able to work on mindset and emotions with life coaching as well as the body with ConTact Care. Working from both aspects (Mind and Body) has opened up more possibilities to help you to overcome obstacles and have breakthroughs to transform your situation.


What I find most inspiring is that with the right guidance and tools you can turn your situation around and create better health, fulfilment, happiness, wealth, relationships, inner peace and overcome obstacles that may have seemed impossible. I get a buzz out of sharing methods and perspectives that help you uncover the possibility of greater quality of life and fulfilment.


What's my story?


“It’s like magic…” - That’s what so many people say when they suddenly overcome a long term problem, but what if it’s not magic and that it is just what is possible for all of us? 


My health practitioner journey started in 2006 when I decided to become a medical doctor right out of high school. However, during the first year I found that it didn’t align with me, especially after learning that medical errors and side effects were the 3rd leading cause of death, so I left in search of something that felt right for me…


I went to a  chiropractic health talk which completely blew me away. The chiropractic philosophy and its natural approach really inspired me. I was amazed that we weren’t taught these basic health fundamentals at school. I said to myself - “I need to share this message!”, so I signed up to study chiropractic.


After 6 years of university study and 4 years of practising chiropractic,  I was loving it. I thought I would be doing chiropractic for the rest of my life, that was until I became aware of ConTact C.A.R.E - Flinchlock release. I signed up for a ConTact C.A.R.E course in early 2016, which flipped my world upside down. It made so much sense and came so naturally to me that I knew within the first hour of the course that it would become my primary modality.


I noticed that my clients' spines adjusted themselves without me doing any chiropractic adjustments and without me even touching their area of complaint. Not only did their spines adjust themselves, but all sorts of improvements in health function were observed on a level I had not seen before.


I learned that all this time with chiropractic, I had only been treating compensations held in the body… These were a result of past accidents and trauma which ConTact Care addresses. It works on a deeper level which means my clients get better results and they need less visits.


In 2017 I decided to travel the world, share ConTact CARE, and learn from some of the greatest healers in the world.

The journey began with a visit to John of God in Brazil followed by 3 months in Peru, until I was in a motor vehicle accident while travelling with some backpackers. This freak accident put an end to my journey after I sustained a concussion head injury. I found that I didn't have the memory or the energy to continue, so I knew I had to travel back to New Zealand to heal myself.

My recovery from the concussion was a long and difficult one. ConTact C.A.R.E treatments were the difference that made the difference to get me back to functionality and being "normal" again. It took me about 2 years to be able to work full time again.


Although overcoming the concussion was challenging, it opened me up to a period of the biggest personal development in my life. I went on a self healing journey where I found peace with past emotional experiences which brought me more connection with those closest to me.


I learned that when you release trapped emotions you feel much lighter and that by working on mind and emotions, physical ailments can be healed. It showed me just how interconnected the mind and the body really is.

My personal belief is that it's never too late to change your situation, heal yourself and create a new reality. 


Are you ready for change? 


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Release trapped emotions, heal past events & learn from your wisdom.

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