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Old age is NOT the cause of your aches and pains

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

There seems to be this belief among the general population that says:

Old age is the cause of our aches and pains.

I'm sorry but that excuse just doesn't fly with me because most of the time that's just plain WRONG.

WARNING: Blaming your problems on old age is dangerous.

This immediately says that NOTHING CAN BE DONE. Yep that's right you have now become a victim of your condition because of your age. You might as well just give up now. Hang up the boots, lie on the couch and wither away, because nothing, nothing! can be done... Why? Because nothing can prevent you from aging.

Too many people are expecting to be sore, weak and bent over by the age of 60. It's ridiculous. I even heard a 32 year old woman say to me recently "Ohhh I'm so sore. I'm getting old. Just you wait till you get to my age! Its all down hill from 32."

Really!? She thinks I should expect old age to suddenly hit me? Sorry but I'm not buying into that...

For the purpose of this blog I'm going to make up a label for old age.

Let's call it: "OLD AGE-ITIS." Just for a laugh and to make this whole "thing" sound even more silly.

I've seen plenty of people who are 80+ living pain free, they are living proof that old age is NOT the cause of our problems. On top of that, countless of my clients over the years have explained to me that their problems were unfix-able "due to old age" and to their amazement, they have come right after years of suffering. Again, proving that Old Age-Itis was not the cause.

Blaming your problems on OLD AGE is an outdated and extremely limited view, its powerless and HOPE-Less. I'm here to share this message with confidence, that there is hope. There are plenty of things I have found that help and I believe that there are plenty more I am yet to discover. It's our job to find our own solutions and not rely on one doctor to 'fix' everything. Take back the control of your health and into a POWER-FULL position once again. Look outside the square.

If you have accepted that old age has set in, you are usually left with 3 options from the mainstream medical system:

1. Drugs to numb the pain and deal with it

2. If that isn't good enough then try a cortisone injection

3. If that isn't good enough then try surgery. If the surgery doesn't work go back to step 1 - followed by "sorry that's all that can be done, you will just have to take drugs for the rest of your life, there are no other options."

How limited could you be? If I received a dollar for every time a client has told me this.... I wouldn't need to work anymore lol. But Seriously!

Yes I know it depends on the problem, severity, etc, and not all medical professionals do this... but still this happens way too often! Wouldn't you agree?

Sadly if you give up and buy into Old-Age-Itis, you cut out the possibility of being helped by the unlimited options of natural, 'alternative', common sense and often simple solutions out there, as well as denying the magnificence of our own bodies amazing healing ability.

We all know these basic fundamentals of health which can't be ignored:

-What is your nutrition like? Are you eating foods that help you thrive? How much water do you drink?

-What is your Mental attitude like? Do you have a deep seeded limiting belief? Do you quieten your mind with meditation?

-Are you sleeping well?

-Do you have a balanced exercise routine? Do you stretch or do yoga?

-Do you value yourself enough to get help when you need it?

Ok, Here's my view on the subject:

If old age doesn't cause our problems then what does?

- DRUM-ROLL *Suspense*

Old age does not cause your problems;

Your past unresolved traumas and injuries do

The most common unresolved Traumas and injuries are:

Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Toxic overloads.

Do you know any others?

I'm not going to go into solutions for all of these causes because it's out of my scope. You could write a book with that amount of information! But I will share this concept I learnt from my mentors:

To fix the problem you must fix the CAUSE of the CAUSE of the EFFECT

(explained below)

The EFFECT = The problem, pain, symptoms, dysfunction

The CAUSE = The Imbalance

The CAUSE of the CAUSE = The original event, trauma or injury that created the imbalance

Unfortunately most professions and practitioners only treat the EFFECT (the symptoms). To heal and fully resolve the EFFECT, the focus must be on the past unresolved traumas and injuries (CAUSE). The body is so smart that it will naturally unwind imbalances (CAUSE) when the original trauma has been sorted. Although sometimes we need a little help from practitioners, healers etc in this process.

Who has heard of someone having knee surgery (as an example) and afterwards the pain and the problems remain? The CAUSE has not been eliminated yet. Whats the point of only having knee surgery, when the unresolved trauma and imbalance that created the knee problem is still there? That's the equivalent of having wonky wheel alignment and having to replace one tyre over and over, rather than get a simple wheel alignment. Are you following me?

The joints in your body are like tyres:

Your body and its joints should wear evenly as you age, just like the tyres on a car should. If the wheel alignment wonky then a tyre may wear faster and unevenly - this is just like your body.

If there is an imbalance, then there will be uneven stress - Creating uneven wear and tear, inflammation, and aches and pains.

Example: John Smith is 50 and has right knee pain. He has been told it is due to old age, and 'osteoarthritis'. (See below: the right knee joint is more narrow). Now, If Old-Age-Itis was the cause then wouldn't the other knee be just as worn? I mean, both knees are the same age aren't they?

Arthritis (EFFECT) also did NOT cause his bad knee. The Imbalance (CAUSE) did! And that imbalance came from the accident he had 10 years ago when he was skiing (CAUSE). An imbalance in our body will dictate where the extra stress in our body goes. In this case - there is more stress in the right knee than there should be.

The balance of your body will determine what stresses your body can handle.

If person A can run 10 miles and person B can't because he gets a sore knee, that is because Person B has an imbalance prior to the run. Resolve the Cause of the cause, the imbalances, Re-establish equilibrium and that will Re-create even wear and tear of the joints. The most important factor is knowing what the cause of your problem is. Or finding someone who can figure it out for you. When you discover the cause of your problem, you can now correctly find an appropriate solution.

The best solution that I have come across for physical trauma (surprise impact) is ConTact C.A.R.E. - Flinchlock release (Click for more info). I have found ConTact C.A.R.E the most effective and profound profession. Amazingly it is the most simple and common sense. That's saying a lot as I've tried loads of healing modalities and practices because of my curiosity, openness and desire to learn more.

If you think your problem cannot be helped and think its due to old age, I urge you to:

A: Keep searching for another solution. Look outside the square. Think ideally natural solutions, especially at the beginning - less invasive before most invasive. E.g. surgery should be the last resort. This doesn't mean stay away from your doctor, but keep your options open.

B: Get used to saying "NEXT". If your doctor or practitioner has given up on you and your problem and said its just old age, then look for another doctor, practitioner or 'healer' that can help you. If they can think outside of the tiny medical box of drugs and surgery that's great.

C: Try another profession. Look elsewhere.

D: Keep open minded. You never know, the solution could be sitting right in front of you!

Yes there are always exceptions to the rule. There are no two problems exactly the same as everyone's life experience is different. The earlier you get onto a problem the better. You only get one body so treat it as best as you can.

I know this is pretty general but hey I'm just relaying what so many of my clients are telling me every week.... It's very concerning when someone has lived with their problem for years when it could have been sorted under better guidance or care.

Doctors and practitioners - It's time to give the power back to the people and tell them they CAN do something to help - rather than "that's just old age" or "ohh that's normal for your age" or "There's nothing that you can do so take painkillers for the rest of your life." That's just plain lazy! Get off your ass and start looking further than the latest medical journal because there is an abundance of options out there... If you don't know, then refer to someone else who does. Its better to give hope than to take it away, especially when you aren't even certain why they have the problem in the first place.

If you got something out of this feel free to give it a share! :)

The Content is my opinion and based on my clinical experience. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this Website.

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