The 3 Fundamental Principles

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1 - YOU are responsible for your own health

Goal: For people to take owner ship and quit giving their power away to some authority. Empowerment. 

Going along with others will give you the bear minimum and youll end up being another average statistic. Which by the way sucks. 

So, What do you want?

Taking ownership of your own health is vital in this modern world where people are quick to give all their power away to medical authorities, public health services or even blaming their circumstances on genetics, old age and even hormone imbalances. The truth is you have the power to choose to help your self or let someone or something else take control. If we let an outside force decide for us then we can fall into powerlessness and begin to blame that outside force.

If you sit back and rely on the government, doctor or something else to handle your health you are destined to become a statistic of the average health stats which by the way - SUCK. 

You get what you focus on. If your focusing on how bad your body is and how its not getting better then its not going to get better. 

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The power that made the body, heals the body

The intelligence within our body is so incredible, it was able to coordinate and organise the original two cells (sperm and and egg) to become the multi trillion celled organism that you are today. The complexity of that feat is far beyond the understanding of the most brilliant computers or minds today. Guess what? That same intelligence still resides in each and every one of us while we are still alive. It coordinates our bodies functions and healing.

Give your body the credit for healing itself rather than saying someone of something else cured or healed you. The truth is that no-one or no-thing heals you other than yourself. Sure, you can say something was a catalyst that helped you along the way E.g A person or a method helped you but the actual healing happened within. Give the credit of healing to your own body.

Its safe to say that the intelligence within our body knows what its doing right?

Trust your body and love your body.

If the body has the intelligence to heal why would the body struggle to do so? Check out number 3. 


3 - The 3 main causes of dis-ease

99% of treatments are only treating symptoms and effects rather than working on the original cause.

In order to reverse dis-ease you must go to the root of the problem and treat the cause. The state of disease is a symptom of a disruption in harmony of the body. 

The 3 main causes of dis-ease are:




As we learned above at principle number 2 - The body has the intelligence to heal within, so a body in dis-ease means there is something interfering with the function and healing of the body.