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Life Coaching Package

Total Trauma Release

Total Trauma Release

The Total Trauma Release package is an 8 week holistic program designed to help you overcome trauma. We combine ConTact Care treatment with my specialised life coaching techniques and tools, alongside dynamic coaching to build momentum and drive positive change. This package will help you to heal and overcome all aspects of your past trauma, both emotional and physical.

"Jamie is incredible, his gentle confidence made my first experience of Flinchlock Release clear, calm and fun. I've had incredible results and can see progress in my sports and daily activities. I highly recommend Jamie if you have creaks and groans that no one else can explain!!"

- Cassandra Ruhe-Hodge

Transform your Results Life Coaching Package

Empowering action steps to create lasting change in your life.


Beyond Body Healing Contact Care

Unravel injuries, improve function, and restore aliveness in your body.