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transform your life.

Beneath our limitations is your unlimited potential that says you have the power to achieve and heal anything. I can guide you to unlock your own potential, harnessing the connection between your mind and body to break through to transformation. I guide individuals who are ready for change, one-on-one, through transformation with holistic life coaching packages that work to help you achieve the results you desire in life. Together we can harness the unlimited potential of your mind and body. Are you ready?

Beyond Body Healing Contact Care

Unravel injuries, improve function, and restore aliveness in your body.


Emotional Freedom Life Coaching Package

Release trapped emotions, heal past events & learn from your wisdom.

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Trauma Release

Life Coaching Package

Heal and overcome your past trauma, both emotional & physical.

Image by Pablo Heimplatz

Transform your Results Life Coaching Package

Empowering action steps to create lasting change in your life.


how it works.

Contact Care treatments and Life Coaching are both available from my studio in Kerikeri or in Whangarei. Life Coaching is also available by distance. My practice is always inclusive, pro-choice and welcoming to all. Let's get to know each other with a strategy session or a Contact Care treatment.

"Jamie is amazing - Our family call him the magic man! Highly recommend Flinchlock release by Jamie! Everyone should go and see him!"

- Tania

Timberly Williams


my story

Always curious, the vast possibilities of healing, transformation and the spiritual realm have gifted me 10 years of experience in the wellness space as a life coach, Contact Care practitioner and chiropractor. 

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