Jamie Tipene Matthews Healing

Kia Ora



What do I do?

I help clients who feel out of whack and out of alignment to create harmony in their body so that they can get back doing what they love with ease. Even if they’ve tried everything, lost hope and feel that no-one can help them


Do you need help with

- Body Alignment
- Feeling at Ease in Your Body
- Body Pains
- Concussion
- Impact injury
- Headaches/Migraines
- Wear and tear
- Hormone Imbalance
- Sleep Problems
- Emotional and Mental Overwhelm
- Anxiety and depression
- Fear and Phobias
- Breathing Disorders
- Bowel and Bladder function
- Digestive Problems
- Optimal Sports Performance
- Injury Rehab
- Shock and Trauma Release

Please get in touch if you have any questions, I'll be happy to help.


About My Approach

I have been blessed to have experienced many different perspectives in health from growing up with my parents working as nurses, studying Pre-Med at Auckland University, five years study to become a Chiropractor, having Dr. Bruce Lipton lecture me in immunology and then finding ConTact Care Flinchlock release, which  showed how the body can unfold from releasing surprise impact reactions from the bone. From my life experience I have seen that much more is possible for people than most would believe. 

One of my biggest focuses is it help people expand what they think is possible for their health and their life by sharing tools, processes and helping to release what is in the way.



Whangarei Wellness Centre,

Level 1

25 Rathbone street,

Whangarei 0110

(Entrance on the left of LJ Hooker and then go up one level to Level 1. Follow the signs for Whangarei Wellness Centre).

+64 22 013 0147