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Kia Ora, I'm Jamie.

My mission is to lead people to live their most inspired and fulfilling life through empowered coaching and a holistic approach,  guiding my clients to unlock their potential through the power of your mind and body connection.

Contact Care, Coaching and Personal development transformed my life and they can do the same for you too.

I am a Contact Care practitioner, life coach and passionate about helping people break through their limitations to create positive changes – not just masking symptoms to make you feel better for a while... I live in Coopers Beach and find my happiness in self-expression through music, playing cricket, and exploring the boundaries of what is possible in the field of health and performance.

Since beginning traditional medical school in Auckland in 2006, my journey through a broad range of healing modalities has gifted me a wide understanding of the power our bodies have to heal themselves, and the profound impact of this power on our mind and emotions. I first studied and worked as a chiropractor for 10 years before a chance encounter with Contact Care Flinchlock Release flipped my world upside down. Contact Care made so much sense, and came so naturally to me, that I knew within the first hour of the training that it would become my primary modality.


By 2017, I was travelling and sharing Contact Care with the world, from the mountains of Peru to the urban jungles of Los Angeles, learning from some of the greatest healers on the globe. However, returning home after a car accident and serious concussion in Peru, was when my real journey and learning truly began. My recovery was long and difficult. Contact Care treatments were the difference that made all the difference to get me back to functioning and feeling ‘normal’ again. It took me about 2 years to be able to return to full-time work. Learn more about my recovery here.

Now as a Contact Care practitioner, life coach, business owner, and father, I know that true healing and recovery is possible. Although overcoming my concussion was immensely challenging, it opened me up to the biggest personal development in my life – a self-healing journey where I found peace with past emotional experiences, bringing me more connection with those closest to me. I learned that when you release trapped emotions you can feel much lighter, and that by working on mind and emotions alongside the body, physical ailments can also be healed. It taught me just how interconnected the mind and the body really is.

Whether your challenges are in your mind, body, or both, I believe it is never too late to change your situation, heal yourself and create a new reality. Every day, I get a buzz out of sharing methods and perspectives that help my clients to uncover the possibility of greater quality of life and fulfilment.

Let's get started.

Jamie Tipene Flinchlock

Contact Care

Unravel injuries, improve function, and restore aliveness in your body.


Life Coaching

Level up your results, find fulfilment, overcome limitations.

Join the journey.

Listen in on my Travelling Healer podcast where I interview healers, practitioners and thought leaders from around the world. Expanding the boundaries and beliefs in healing, and inspiring hope in the pursuit of true wellness.

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