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Concussion Recovery.

After a car accident in Peru and my serious concussion, Contact Care transformed my life - helping me to regain my life, my business and my happiness. I can do the same for you. Are you ready?

I have used Contact Care to help countless clients to recover from their own head injuries.


After experiencing first-hand just how debilitating a concussion can be, I am inspired to continue spreading this message. I don't just believe you can feel better - I know you can. Contact Care can speed up recovery by helping you to regain strength, energy, and balance in your body, treating the fight/flight instinct and bringing back coherence, awareness, and emotional stability. Find relief from headaches, pressure, and any injury compensations from your head injury, all while feeling more relaxed in your mind and body.

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Osteopath at Work

How it works.


After a concussion, the body can carry lasting pressure and shock at the impact sites. Left untreated, this involuntary contraction remains trapped in and around the bone, interfering with the body's ability to relax, recover, and function. This is what we call a Flinchlock - the reaction which remains at the sites of impact.


During a Contact Care treatment, I work to locate where your body is still reacting from the initial trauma and painlessly release the Flinchlocks at the impact site, allowing your body to naturally and gently unravel itself back to improved function. Flinchlocks can be held for a lifetime and concussions from childhood can affect someone into their adulthood. Contact Care is helpful at any stage of your recovery, even if it is decades later.

Journey to recovery.


While I wish I had an instant, magic cure, the reality is that concussion recovery can be a long road – it took me 2 years to return to full-time work. With regular Contact Care you may experience dramatic improvements for some symptoms, and steady incremental improvements for others. Allowing your body to heal itself with Contact Care treatments is a gradual process because it is not a ‘band-aid’, but a permanent and lasting solution. Generally, most people are back to normal within 3-6 months, but more severe concussions can have longer-lasting effects for 1-2 years or ongoing.

My Concussion Journey

Let's get started.

Jamie Tipene Flinchlock

Contact Care

Unravel injuries, improve function, and restore aliveness in your body.


Life Coaching

Level up your results, find fulfilment, overcome limitations.

I know that at times it can feel like you’re broken and you might not ever be 'normal' again. Through my experience, I can promise you that there is hope! Contact Care could be the difference that makes all the difference.

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